Wind Vs Sun

In Aesop’s famed Wind and Sun fable, we’re told the two elements were having an argument etc and the wind loses because all he did was blow harder and the more he blew the more the man wrapped his coat around himself. The sun on the other hand came out and shone brightly and ends […]

The Fate of the 8th.

F8 left me physically and mentally drained. After the car-skydive scene in 7, i was done trying to apply logic to the Franchise. My disbelief is usually suspended outside the theatre in the parking lot. This one is a knockout. you must see it 8 times. Except: As revealed and downplayed, Dwayne and Vin were […]

More mature, More measured, More meh.

“The more mature the company, the more measured the change mentality.” – Ron Johnson. One of the best things i’ve watched recently is an interview with Ron Johnson, where he talks about his failure at JC Penneys. JCP said they wanted to change, but as he met the leadership over time, it was soon quite […]

No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s…

Saw Beauty and The Beast. It’s enchanting… until the spell-breaking part. How does Beast have so much more substance, character and sex appeal than the anaemic blondie he transforms into when the spell’s broken? I have nothing against Blondies, but make him match the beast. What, Thor or his kin weren’t available? Benesmaug Cumbabigle? There’s […]

The haste to produce ordinary. 

“How soon can you come back with something?” Potentially one of the most used lines in the client-agency relationship.  We’ve narrowed down so many moving parts in complicated machinery to a not-always-simple brief, encompassed by unrealistic deadlines – all of which could have been avoided if someone had thought to involve the agency earlier.  Wait, […]

Singing Samsung’s song

Did you hear the Samsung press conference? Turns out the phone explosions were caused by Negative active material delamination from negative electrodes leading to self faulting somethings or the other resulting in thermal failures, basically.  Yup, that’s what I thought.  What that was, was a gallant show of PR fortitude. This was never about simply […]

Dear @PatrickAwuahJr

Hello Doc. So, this ethics thing is hard. Are you sure we want to keep teaching it at Ashesi? I ask because over the last 24 hours there have been numerous, unnecessarily  verbose arguments shrouded in legalese about what you taught us was a black and white issue: Plagiarism.  It’s been a while since I […]