A Black man, and a Woman…

Yesterday i witnessed History being made. An African American, became the presidential candidate of the Democratic party of America. Long story short: there’s a black man running for President of the united states of America. Even just typing these words is sending goosebumps up my neck.

i’ve been following the primaries like i’m sure most people have with a keener interest than normal for two reasons: there was a woman running for nomination, and then there was an African American also running. on both grounds, history was going to be made and barriers were going to be broken… we just didnt know which barrier would be broken. Yesterday, i think both barriers were broken. Senator Hillary Clinton has been formidable. Any qualms about the “strength and ability” of a female Commander in Chief have been squashed. She was like an endurance runner: a definition of determination.

but it was only after Senator Obama had won the nomination that the density of the situation hit me: this was the first time in the history of the American nation that a black man would be running for president: a feat a lot of people had written off as unachievable. and it probably seemed impossible too, given the most recent 100+ year history of the American nation and all the ethnic barriers that have seemed to instantly imply a barricade to certain possibilities and opportunities. And yet here we were, at the dawn of a new era so to speak. “My goodness, this is one of those history defining moments isnt it?” i thought to myself… and that thought sent a mixture of awe, and excitement tingling down my spine. a sentiment Bishop TD Jakes also expresses. It’s like opening a portal to a realization of a whole new set of possibilities and an absence of seeming limitations. it was an inspirational moment.

A lot of the political and historical impact has already been talked about. but what strikes me the most is the latent implication of the feats that both Sen Obama and Sen Clinton have achieved for a new generation. A black man and a woman whether they planned it or not, have defined a new reality and hope for a whole new generation – a generation that’s built up from the elderly, to young children, male and female, and from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. from people who have grown up in an era where women weren’t even allowed to vote, to young people who thought they could never have access to certain opportunities because of their backgrounds. think about young people who are inspired now to take a hold of their destinies and make something of themselves. why? because Hillary did, and Barack did as well.

the two candidates have shown that Nothing Is Impossible. it sounds so simple, doesnt it? and yes maybe we knew it all along but look at all the effort and time and bravery it has taken us to realize this day. i wonder what other doors to a barrier-less future those two candidates could help unlock not just for the American nation, but essentially the whole world, if they worked together? i ache for that day, just as i ached for this one.

A new era, has dawned.


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