Quick Question

Quick question. Are New Year Resolutions overrated? Or is it just our innate lack of discipline that leads us to falter by the 10th of January? I’ve made resolutions before, they never amounted to anything… mainly because i had literally forgotten them by Feb. But i made a few this year because i resolved that self discipline and control are qualities i must attain. Now.

So i’m going to share some of my resolutions with you as time goes on. Hopefully in a year, you can come back here and judge me if i haven’t succeeded.

Resolution One|

No Alcohol: Yup. Anyone who works in advertising (or has seen MadMen) will tell you how arduous a task this is. I’m not a drinker, not even a social one, but over the last two years, i’ve felt the compulsion to have a sip once in a while, especially with clients or after a big agency achievement. There’s something about having a Jack and Coke or Johnnie’s Blue label that makes you seem more creatively professional.

This year, i’m saying No and preparing myself to face all the inevitable taunting and ridicule that will ensue from this decision. And just to show you how difficult and dangerous an undertaking this might all be, that’s a picture of my desk earlier today, when i was given two bottles of MOET by my agency to toast some recent success. 

The bottles are still unopened.Cue the music.



Now, I also realize my last few posts have all been ad-centered. I’ll go back to blogging generic soon but for now you’ll just have to bear with me. I’ll start the year by sharing two of my favourite radio ads to date.

i think they’re by TJDR (i have to verify) and they’re spots from the same campaign. Guess the product. Have fun!



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