Concerning last week…

Ok… so a few friends have been asking me to blog about the recent events of the past week. There’s nothing to write; I won something. I went to pick it up. That’s pretty much it. But seeing as i went to the city of supposed love for a few days, let’s talk about that instead.

Paris is really quite… french if you ask me. Croissants everywhere. Tiny gourmet meals. I couldn’t find a single KFC anywhere. They’re not really into junk fod over there, apparently, which was quite a shame because i’m on a fat and cholestrol diet. 

All the TV stations were in french which i found quite arrogant – even China has some English programming. There’s something grossly disappointing about watching the Simpsons in french. Or iRobot. Or the Terminator. Somehow… le Terminateur just doesn’t seem as menacing. 

However, i did get to meet some incredibly brilliant creative minds and hang out with some really cool people, which made up for everything, Plus i had some interesting experiences…

like when a lesbian couple made out in front of me… well, actually in front of everyone at the bar…

or when a bouncer at club Queen took out a rowdy patron with Krav Maga. And when i say took out, i mean the guy lay motionless on the cold hard ground for 10 minutes. (The lesson here is that if the bouncer looks like Vin Diesel… you probably shouldn’t piss him off)…

or when i hopped into a cab at 1am and the Cabdriver was… wait for it… Ghanaian! Yeah, the real deal too, complete with the ewe accent and everything. ahem.

And then of course, there were the girls… les mademoiselles francais! my my… but that, as they say, is a story for another day.


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