Who’s yer Daddy?

A couple of friends and i were hanging out at G-Tulip earlier tonight just lounging and soaking in the ambiance of their newly renovated lounge. Couldn’t help noticing that most of the girls who walked in were with older men, or were going to meet older men… or had just come from meeting an older man. i thought to myself “what a coincidence that all these different men decided to take their daughters out on this particular night, to this particular hotel at this particular time.”

As my eyes strayed to one particular family I thought to myself “how nice it is to see some Ghanaian family bonding. It really is a beautiful sight to see a father and his daughter spending time together… laughing, chatting, holding hands, kissing… heeeey, wait-a-minute!! 

Then it hit me.
They were fathers and daughters, alright. 
Just… not related.

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