You are the weakest link. Goodbye!

i’m sitting here watching Egyptians jubilate and cant help thinking that my generation is on its way to carving a niche for itself in history. Egypt just showed us that sitting on the fence with your hands in your lap taking whatever BS is thrown at you is no longer a cool look. It took 30 years and a Tunisian man setting himself on fire for people to say “Screw it! We’ll take action” but tonight the world stares at the results… and applauds.

These guys just fired their President! He didn’t quit, he was sacked. They were ready to grind the country to a halt until something changed, heck they were ready to die. And the people in the streets protesting weren’t just the “discontent uneducated masses” they were people like you and I – educated, upwardly mobile lawyers, journalists, bankers, doctors… everybody, together, in one accord. That’s terrifying for any leader no matter how powerful his assumptions have led him to believe he is.

Tonight, Egypt made us remember that leaders are appointed solely to serve their people – a fact they tend to forget as soon as they ascend the proverbial throne. A fact we may need to remind them of from time to time.

Tonight, Egypt showed us that until we decide to seize the reigns, play a role and take our destinies into our own hands, fat headed, power hungry, unworthy bullies will continue to confound the masses, terrorize us and toy with our collective future. And there’s nothing the UN, US, international sanctions or anyone else can do about it until WE decide to do something about it.

Now, i wonder, what next? What kind of arrogant, insensitive, detrimental nonsense will we not stand for? Do i hear Ivory Coast? Hmm…maybe ’twas the wind…

Peace dude. Enjoy retirement.




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