It’s already Sunday in New Zealand so i guess it’s safe to say the rapture didn’t happen as per the intel received. But as much as people took the piss, (including myself) imagine if it had really happened and we had woken up to find we had been left behind? Then what? 

It’s funny how i heard people (whom i didn’t know could) quoting bible scripture that alluded to the fact that only God himself actually knew when the rapture would happen. They were quoting it to justify apathy. But the shock for me wasn’t how familiar we were with the verse, it was that we actually knew and believed to a certain extent, that there was truth behind it and hence an impending rapture and thereafter judgement, to be followed by heaven or hell sometime soon. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a 1000 years.

But a fact became clear to me. If it does occur in our lifetime, we’re running out of excuses to make to GOD about how we didn’t know He was coming, and hence our lack of preparation.

And i think that’s sort of the point. His point.


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