So, what’s your PIN?

Confession time. I got a BB. Ugh, i know… i too, am ashamed of myself. But even as you hiss at me in disgust, please realize that i did everything in my power to turn it down or lose it… including leaving it out in the open to be stolen. Nada. I have always disliked and openly taunted my BB carrying friends and scoffed at the way they’re always punching away at their keypads like junkie lab rats searching for their next hit.

I’ve been using it for close to 48 hours and although i refuse to turn into one of them – the junkie lab rats – i can see how they got there. There’s always something to do on this damn thing. Always something popping up or a red light flashing. In my case it has been Twitter, then email, then Whatsapp, then back to twitter then SMS, then BBM… then more BBM. And this was all while i was trying to watch Hangover 2 at the mall lastnight.

I detest the idea of Pins and BBM and the laughable “hi, what’s your PIN” question. But truth be told, it is cheaper than SMS… so it’s actually the smart choice… it’s purely a logical decision to use that.And the fact that my internet is ALWAYS there means so much more… umm… efficiency.

But i digress. My friends have started to taunt me for a slowly growing addiction to the thing. That may in part be due to the fact that now most of my tweets are sent from “twitter from Blackberry” and the fact that as i walked out of the mall last night, I was ruthlessly jabbing away at my keypad completely oblivious to the world around me or that now, even as i type this post, i’ve had to pause a few times to respond to messages on BBM. Ahem.

But, in response i say… i’m only using it so much because it’s so user unfriendly. Wait… 


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