Look into my eyes…

Today i got the truth handed to me.

It was heavier than i thought. Rough, sharp, not as sleek as i’d anticipated.

I didn’t want to touch it in the beginning. It wasn’t nice and shiny. It wasn’t something i wanted to share… or show off.. or boast about.

I think it had mud on it too. Some sort of dirt. Subconscious, clingy dirt.

but it was forced into my hand. weighing me down. pulling me to the floor… and crushing me.


I got the truth handed to me today. It was coarse and loud… crass, crude, vile and uncouth.

I really didnt wanna hear it, or maybe i didn’t want others to hear it being told to me. I wanted to be selfish about it.

Or… maybe I wanted to hear it, but i wanted it whispered… in a silent hush…

like dry breeze through the tall frail grasses of the savannah.


It burns… this truth

 it’s scorches.

like a blunt rusty two edged sword.

 It cut through me unmercifully , slicing jaggedly thru my being…

tearing through the soft, protected barriers of my consciousness,

ripping elements of naive perception from their place.

It slashed,  and thick bloody chunks of blinded perception fell to the ground

leaving only a bruised scarred skeleton cowering for mercy

shuddering on the cold, hard floor that is reality.


But now, that deformed skeleton will rise.

And it will walk again.

Reborn.Reformed.Menacingly Defiant.

And it will pick up the truth.

and the truth will make it stronger.

And as it walks with that truth

across the desert of life

it’s eyes… the only remaining part of it’s soul

will burn with fierce angry resolve.


Look into my eyes….







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