I’m going to start doing movie reviews. I’ll live blog from silverbird. This means i have to go the first night every new film (of repute) comes out.So no, i wont be reviewing Adam or his apples. But Transformer’s 3… deffo. Here’s a sample review so you know what to look forward to: Fast5: Daaaaaayum!! You gotta see it at the mall first before you get it DVDripped! Real talk.


The roads out of Accra are impressive. You can hit 140km quite comfortably. So howcome when you drive back into the capital you’re welcomed by portholes and/or craters?


Went for a book launch at the Goethe institute on friday. Author’s name is Alba. Book is called The Imported Ghanaian. Get a hold of it if you can. Couldn’t stay though. It seemed all too afrocentric for me. Plus, the mosquitoes were dealing with me. But i did get to hear Keteku perform. I wonder why they havent been invited to MOGO or any of these “musical” shows? I also wonder why you dont know who they are. Bad branding? or are we literally throwing away an essence of our culture? More on them soon enough.



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