Armed robbers hit my Uncle’s compound (in a gated community) at dawn this morning. They cut the barbed wire fence, jumped in and armed with cutlasses, proceeded to terrorize the entire household. They raped the househelp. My cousin got knocked out from behind. The fall split his chin open in the process gushing blood all over the place.

The police came – the “investigating officers”. I was there. They were dressed in traditional friday wear. The lady cop had on a brightly coloured sleeveless blue kaba, with scarf, earrings and heels to match. She could hardly walk on the slippery tiles. They asked questions and took pictures for the investigation, I’m not taking the piss. I’m just saying the whole scene was too casual for me. Made me feel nothing would turn up from this investigation. Like it was being done for doing sake. We wait to see.

Guess what the robbers took? Phones and laptops. They couldn’t even figure out what the iPad was so they left it… and everything else really. Probably just looking to make enough cash for their next hit.

It’s getting ridiculous. Two days ago, travellers were attacked on the Accra – Kumasi highway at dawn. The balls on these guys are getting bigger. I don’t know whose job it is to stop them and what measures can be taken but i wish we’d concentrate on making Accra a safer place instead of sentencing girls hawking water to 3 years imprisonment. 


Or maybe we should all get guns.




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