Breathe to Scroll

I love my iPodTouch. Unashamedly so. It allows me to read anything – books, email, PDFs, the Internet, notes, feeder apps, whatever. I listen to music in my car with it and play games on it to calm my nerves before a big meeting. I work off it wherever I am. And no I’m not always just playing Angry Birds. Not most of the time anyways. Sometimes I play Samurai! Ten years ago you wouldn’t have guessed we’d have a gadget such as this. But it’s here now. So lets not dwell on the past.

Despite everything my iPod currently does (and like most humans who are never satisfied,) now I want more. I’m not asking for a lot. I love the touch screen, I love the flick-to-turn-the-page feature in iBooks. Fine. But now I would like a Breathe-to-Scroll function.

Wow, what’s that, you ask? Simple. Imagine with me,  if you will, that you’re lying in bed, on your side reading something on the net. The iPod is on your bed. Now, Instead of having to move your entire body just so you can extend a finger to the screen to scroll… you simply just exhale. Ya. As you exhale the text scrolls down. Inhale to go back up a few lines. I know, I know, genius. I know. 

Look I’ve even worked out the science. The accelerometer and gyroscope establish the position and speed of the sudden direct airflow relative to the pod’s current position. If said airflow is towards the screen, scroll down. If away from the screen, scroll up. It’s a simple if/else statement. A Boolean switch. (it’s okay to still be awed. I get it all the time.) and I don’t even want the credit. No no, I do this for the greater good of all my other fellow power iPod users. I do it for the masses. Oh stop it! No gratitude necessary.

Well then, over to you Cupertino! I figure this is so simple and already all ironed out that you wonderful people should be able to get it into the next iOS update on Tuesday. Sigh. It’s moments like these that make me realize I should really be working at Apple.

(Hi Steve! Never got that reply on the application. All 18 of ’em. 🙂

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