Customer Service Fail. True story.

So here’s a bit of the idiotic customer service that baffles the normal human. Yesterday I ordered a medium fully loaded pizza from Frankies. They don’t make the beat pizza but it was a long day and it was late. As always, I get there, say my name, take my pizza and bounce. Pizza was remarkably lack luster which made the next set of events even more annoying. It was now 10pm. I was speeding down the motorway heading to Tema when my phone rang. I pick up and a not so pleasant voice asks whether I was the one who picked up the pizza marked Obii. I said I was. She asks whether it was a large or medium. Obviously I had ordered a medium so I said medium. She asks whether the box was white or brown. I replied it was white. This female twat proceeds to inform me that “oh please it was a mistake. The guy gave you large. It’s for someone else” I’m surprised enough at this… and I’m still being nice at this point by the way, as I inform her that I’m on the motorway just approaching tema. Like she can’t comprehend basic English sentences, she proceeds to ask “so can you bring it back?” trying to blame the attendant who gave it to me. No please, no nothing. In return, I politely tell her to fuck off. and I hang up. Two minutes later another number calls me and we go thru the same process. Interestingly enough the cow on the line – a man this time so I guess a bull would be correct terminology – seems irritated at the fact that I’m in Tema. He now asks me to describe the guy who gave me the pizza. Again, I politely tell him to fuck off. With all the things i do with my brain, remembering who gave me a bloody pizza isn’t priority. Eight minutes later the phone rings again and it’s the female twat from before still talking about me bringing it back. She says it like she’s threatening me. You know how Ghanaians say “so you won’t bring it back, eh? Ok I’ve heard”. In my head i was like, b*tch if you don’t get off my phone this minute… That’s what I really wanted to say but I didn’t. I’m too nice. So I asked her name instead. She pretended she didn’t hear my multiple demands then she finally said Belinda under her breath. Then suddenly she says “ok it’s ok” I say “ok good” and cut the line. Can you believe this BS? All this happened less than 40 minutes ago. I just had to get my iPod and type it out. I don’t have Internet now bit as soon as I do is when this post will go up. To Belinda and the other mongoose who called me, you are an example of the tactless simple minded twerps who assume they are doing their customers favors. I’m dying to talk to your Lebanese boss tomorrow. Did you, in your gross ineptitude consider the fact that maybe, just maybe I had eaten the pizza?


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