Are you happy?

Yesterday my childhood bff called me to announce he was getting married. Nearly knocked me off my feet. D has been my boy since like class 2. we learned how to throw knockouts together. German Banger. We were both pretty damn excited at the news but at the same time the realization dawned on me that we’ve all grown up. Fast.

The whole of last week was one of epiphanies cuz i met up with old friends from primary school and the one who was most notorious when it came to girls and stuff showed us a picture of his 2 year old son. He was also the youngest of the group. Shocked is not the word. He talked about how becoming a dad has shifted his perspective. He’s raising a kid in London. When you’re doing that, certain things like blowing a wad of cash at XL become quite secondary.

See, the future is no more tomorrow. The future is now. The man or woman you had dreamed of becoming is the man or woman you are now (or at least you should be). 

if you dont realize that now, and keep looking to the future, you might wake up a disgruntled 52 year old. Dont wait till the future is in hindsight. It is now. The moves you need to make are now. The achievements you need to rack up are now. The risks to be taken are now. The failures to be had are now. The girl you need to find, you need to find now. Sometimes it takes putting a ring on another person’s finger in front of God and man to realize that. Sometimes it takes seeing your new born baby son curl his hands around your finger. But sometimes, it takes having friends who have felt it, to slap the reality in.


Sidenote: been trying a new thing. A different angle to all this. you can find it here 




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