Have you been stuck in this demonic traffic lately? God forbid without the luxury of an air-conditioned machine? At midday? Near Novotel? It’s a life-changing experience. I’d always attributed it to people coming into Accra from other regions, but my friend pointed out that there aren’t many cars with outside-Accra registration plates around. So what’s really going on?


Lemme explain. Yesterday after being stuck in standstill traffic for 20 minutes, we finally get a long stretch of clear road. But the guy in front of me is still crawling. When I finally overtake him, I slow down to give him compliments of the season but realize there’s no one in the driver’s seat. The driver was sitting in the passenger’s seat. It was a right-hand drive car. Of course. My mistake. The green number plates should have been my clue. And here he was, obviously confused, but still freely driving on the democratic and hospitable Ghanaian roads. 

That car came into the country thru our own borders. If the people whose salaries your tax money pays, let a right-hand drive car into a left-hand drive country designed with left-hand roads and driving regulations, then so be it.

By 9am today, they’d blocked the main Oxford street road just after Frankie’s because of Kojo Antwi. Forgetting that even on a normal day, Osu is hell to navigate. Also forgetting that yesterday, even when they hadn’t blocked the road, the traffic to get into Osu stretched beyond Morning Star. But what’s traffic compared to a show by the maestro?

People form three lanes on a one lane road. Obviously the idiots in the correct lane are not in as much of a hurry as their esteemed colleagues. Again, the idiots forget that at a point they will have to rejoin the main road. 

Then other people turn on their hazard lights and decide that since they are even more important than the rest of us, they will break the rest of the laws that haven’t already been broken.

Now here come the police, whizzing by with hazard lights and sirenes, completely ignoring the chaos. Obviously they have more important things to do. But wouldn’t this be the best place to make some “lucrative” arrests? If I was a policeman I’d be on that Polo-Club road every day. Pulling twats over and putting my kids thru school. But no. So the chaos remains and grows exponentially.

Stupidity. With no solution in sight.

But, found out about something that’s been started to help warn people about traffic this season. I don’t see why we can’t test it out and keep it going thru out next year. So if you have any traffic news, please put it on Twitter and add the hashtag GHTrafficWatch.

Im staying home today. But if you choose to venture out, remember the hashtag. Ignore the stupid. Keep your mind calm. And let me know how it goes. 



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