Happy Women’s Day,

From the freaks, the ladies, the quiets, the crazies,

the ones we once loved who now have babies…

To the naggers, the playettes, the feminists, the divas,

 the afrocentric fashionistas rocking Davivas…

From the old, the young, the fair, the dark,

To the tall, the short,

even the ones who play sport…


From the smart, the awesome, the downright cumbersome, 

To the A cups, and the D’s, even those who’re troublesome 

From the ones who flaunt it and make us quake in the knees,

To those who stare and just say ugh, please…

From the made up, the natural, the woven on, the bald…

To the manicured, the pedicured,

the wont be bothered, cant be cured…


From the hard to get, the difficult to maintain,

the long life partners, the hard to explain…

To the bold, the strong,

the ones who keep this world moving along…


From all the women who inspire us

even to those who must always get their own way…

here’s a note just to say, 

Happy Women’s day.



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