Radio ads: Not that complicated.

Spent the day in a studio making 3 radio ads. I used to work for a large agency and it was always extremely tedious work doing production.

The back and forth in getting scripts approved, then more back and forth with picking voices, scheduling meetings to hear sample voices, getting voices approved by the agency team, and then by the clients. Then the production team would attempt to book a studio session that fit all interested party’s schedules. It was all quite hectic.

The ads we made today were presented, tweaked and approved at one sitting. Then I found a voice. Justified the voice. Clients bought the voice.

The studio was booked yesterday, we went in at 2 today. Killed it by 6. Recording, fine tuning, sfx, mixing, all done. One radio campaign nailed. Quickly, professionally, seamlessly.
Clients are happy. I’m happy. And we’re done. On to the next one.

The lesson? Bloom !nteractive is a lean, mean machine. Ha! Bet you didn’t even know this was a PR piece.


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