Brand Diversification, anyone?

Brand Diversification, anyone?

Now in 2013, it’s pretty evident that Porsche’s Panamera and Cayenne models opened the brand up to a whole new market of buyers who would otherwise have no reason to walk into a Porsche showroom.

But when the models were first launched, people were a bit skeptic about whether the product variations were a good idea or were diluting what the brand stood for. I was part of people. i guess now we know better. So in Porsche’s case it’s worked. BMW also opened up to a younger “VW Golf” oriented market with its 1 series.

It’s lovely when it works but it can get murky. For example, I’m not sure what the Mercedes A class [i really do despise this vehicle] is about? I’m an unpaid, self-acclaimed BMW evangelist and yet the BMW X3 and the 5 Series Gran Tourismo are unclear to me in terms of r’aison d’etre. Also why is there a convertible Evoque Range Rover? Does anyone know?

I’ve seen an astonishingly repulsive Bentley SUV concept but Aston Martin has announced no plans of making a hatchback. It’s a tricky thing, this. But it’s got me thinking.

I’ve just found my research topic for this weekend.


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