Long live ambition

Saw this in the Economist today – a visual metaphor for what the definition of moving upwards has become. Everybody looks up to the next level of success and whatever material connotation of societal status it brings with it. But it’s not always a hopeful gaze towards the future. Sometimes it’s greedy, envious, blind desire.

The sad part is that it’s never enough. Nobody ever gets to the point where they say “yup, this is where I draw the line.” So the chase continues. Yet, the truth is until we find a real passion that drives our ambition and which manages not to be merely based on materialism, we’re all just groping around in the dark hoping that the next promotion brings some sort of fulfillment.

The pursuit of money drives many souls. But the law of diminishing returns shows happiness only marginally increases with money up to a certain point. And then we’re told it becomes insignificant. Then what?

What drives your ambition? Because if it’s just money, you might be headed into the never ending pursuit of empty insignificance.



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