Say Nike in Chinese…

Something I’ve always found interesting: the translation of a brand name into the language of a market. I’ve seen Toyota in Arabic. Coke also. Now Lays. Only seen it done in Arabic though.

So the question is, why’s the English brand name maintained? Why not replace it completely? Brand infringement? Then why bother at all?

A name’s an intrinsic part of the set of brand identifiers regardless of what language it’s in. i.e Lays isn’t being read as “Lays” semantically, it’s read as L-A-Y-S. Those letters + the design of the logotype form part of the universal elements of the brand, no?

So while I understand market adaptation for whatever unique cultural contexts may exist in that region, is this not costly compromise? Literally and otherwise? Especially since the English brand name must be maintained?



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