He hits me, he loves me not, he hits me…

What makes women stay in abusive relationships? Always baffled by femmes who have to be “coaxed out” of them. Obviously i’ve misunderstood the rules of love. I assumed after the second hit, it was a wrap – you know, assuming the first hit was a random reaction. Grunt.
I don’t think anybody should have to be coaxed out of anything. You don’t have to be coaxed out of a burning building.

Do some women psychologically believe they deserve to be hit as a repercussion for something they’ve done? said?

Are they afraid of being alone so much that they’re willing to endure the occasional slap around? Girl I was talking to yesterday said she had “already been introduced to the guy’s family and everything, so it was weird to leave.” Ahem.

Has this society placed so much pressure on women that they feel the need to commit to a certain construct at whatever cost? Have we made it so weird to be 30, female and single that relationships are necessary regardless of abuse? Or is it just low self-esteem? The fear that no one else will love them?

Because no other justification exists for a woman staying with a man who beats her regularly when he’s not even her husband… yet.


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