I’m a big fan of Tom Fishburne and his marketoonist blog. His last one really struck home so I asked him if i could reblog it. He kindly agreed.

Lately, every new Internet meme seems to attract a stampede of brands eager to get in on the action. Memevertising is joining more and more marketing plans as the latest “get viral quick” scheme.

Internet memes by definition tap the popular psyche. This creates an opportunity for brands to have a voice in cultural conversations. Yet as more brands gatecrash the party, often late and without bringing much that’s interesting or new, the results can fall flat.

Point is, it’s not enough for brands to just jump on a meme. Get creative about it, extend it, turn it on its head and please do it while it’s still hot. Read the rest of Tom’s post here and check out his next cartoon tomorrow.


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