Ebusuapanyin blues.

Took a break from blogging because i lost my auntie. She was one of the most soft spoken, gentle and caring women this world has had the pleasure of hosting.

Anyways, we finally laid her to rest on Friday, and it was an amazing funeral, no doubt in out minds her gentle soul earned a place with the Lord.

However, this experience exposed me to the more cultural side of planning a funeral and all the do’s, nuances and don’ts. Every new family meeting with the Clan head unleashed some new family tradition that had to be adhered to with strict precision. How this clan head remembered and insisted on every little element baffled us. Nothing would be trivialized or overlooked under their watch. It was annoying but enlightening. I started to think – this is what brand custodians should really be like. Unwavering and focused on he perfect representation of the brand at all times…
Or should they? Doesn’t leave much room for breathing space and the dreaded i word.

I don’t know the answer. These are random wonderings as i sit at Kotoka enroute to Cannes.


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