Bezos, Jeff Bezos

When you think about the WP sale to Jeff Bezos, it’s easy to think Amazon was involved. It lightens the impact of the message. But Amazon had nothing to do with it.

Jeff was walking around today, maybe to a Starbucks, saw a copy of the Wall Street Journal by the Washington Post, picked up the Post and decided ” i think i’m gonna buy that…” to which the vendor replied “sure sir. Here you go” to which Jeff replied “no, not a copy… the whole thing. And a few others.” Huh.
I’m not saying that’s exactly how it happened but how do you know?

Point is, at some point today, one human man, reached into his pocket for 250 million authentic, American Dollars and bought an icon. By himself.
What did you do today?

I’m just glad we can finally kill the “is print dead” argument.
Quick answer: Obviously not. Ask Jeff.


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