Hadn’t we moved on?

Unless you’re an absolutely dedicated political animal, or your fiscal destiny’s dictated by the powers that be, we’d pretty much all moved on with our lives, no?

The way GH operates, government does their thing in one circle and everyone else’s going about their business in another circle. On their grind, so to speak. And until there’s something like a hike in fuel prices or a shortage in electricity, those circles hardly intersect. Ask yourself, what’s the last major thing the vice president said/did? Better yet… name the vice president. Full name please. I’ll wait.

Most people aren’t as innately agitated as people make it seem. At least not any more. It’s hard to be agitated for a year at the same level. The weather’s too hot.

Yes, there are pockets of loud, easily aroused over-enthusiasts who can be manipulated because they know no better. That’s fine- every society has those. It is the sly connivers who do the manipulation and whom should really know better if they have the true interest of this nation at heart.

But otherwise we’ve all pretty much moved on since the elections. Admit it. Painful loss for some yes, but that doesn’t keep the Ghanaian from picking themself up and going about their business. There will be complaining, whining, maybe marital or workplace based arguments… Maybe a divorce or two, or arguments that are thrice as passionately fiery as that of rival premier league fans.

But as time passes, we settle back into the daily grind. Because we have bills to pay and work to do, regardless of which poorly named 3 letter acronym and their rep is in the castle. It’s painful yes, but inherently, we know we can exist till it’s time to “show them” in four years.

So bearing all that in mind, my question is this: was this court case et the impending verdict really necessary?

If we’d just allowed everyone to give it to God as usual and continue with their lives over the last couple of months, instead of constantly reminding the entire nation as well as the world of our electoral inadequacies every single morning and opening wounds which were only just ceasing to bleed, would we not be in a much better place?

Granted, it might not have been the legal or judicial thing to do. Or even the popular thing to do. But if we truly had the interest of the country and those renowned good people of Ghana we keep hearing about at heart, would it not have been the better informed decision?

I know, i know… it helps make the democracy stronger etc. yea… still not sure how it makes the democratic process stronger unless we can all promise to be grown ups when the verdict comes. Well, can you? Can we?


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