Empathy: The only insight you need

I’m always skeptical when i hear that a corporation has an insights team. Mostly because they all seem to operate from behind their desks, leading me to wonder where the insights come from? Google?

it’s very easy to get caught in a trap where we do our audience the favour of stuffing them in a box that we’ve built to satisfy our opinions of them and their life habits. Sometimes we’re so far from the truth that it’s astounding, and shockingly most of us will never know how much we’ve deviated from reality. Can we truly have insights about people with whom we have no resonance or empathy?

If we leave the cubicles,  demographics and opinions behind, if we would actually go and meet people or read a book to immerse ourselves in lives and emotions we could otherwise not connect with, then we might begin to gain a sense – no matter how slight – of the human side to whom we target,  what we make and the products we market.

Then maybe, we wouldn’t need a department to tell us who we’re speaking to. Maybe then, empathy would be so seamless that everyone would be the insights department.



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