Why I don’t think Nana Addo should run

Number one: He’s 70 and youth is the new Black. You may not like President Mahama for many reasons, but you cannot deny his youthful swag is refreshing. Same for president Obama. Same for Vladmir Putin. Chavez, Castro, Quaddafi, Rawlings… all these men in their day had a y element about them that reinforced their authority. Should a 70 year old man lead a country where half the population is under 25? He can. But should he? Mugabe’s doing it.

Number two: if the NPP intends to go after power, they need a figurehead who resonates past the party politics. Charm and charisma will be a big part of that for first time and young voters. The younger gen is getting less interested in partisan nonsense and more interested in people who believe in the issues they believe in. Not everyone obviously, but more people. Don’t take my word, check Twitter. What the NPP faces is a marketing challenge. More and more people are distrusting of big brand advertising because it’s deemed dishonest and it’s seen to be totally self serving on the brand’s part. The mentality is “the brand’s trying to suck me dry”. So unless they have no choice, they’re turning to brands that stand for something tangible, something they can believe in and are proud to associate with sans the BS.

If i could speak with NPP, i’d say don’t go up against Mahama with someone who can’t attract a buy-in past your hard core party followers. The number of people who’ve fallen off the party bandwagon on both sides has increased; the number of young people who are more concerned and agitated with issues has increased; the people who hate how crappy things are right now have increased; and the people who realised they “wasted” votes on other parties has increased. These people now hold the swing vote. It’s a powerful, unforgiving vote. Things will not be smoothed over by a few toilets being inaugurated in 2015.

So use that to your advantage. The NDC has given people a taste of youth. Mahama is a cool dude by himself. Forget Dumsor. So match that or do better. Find someone who’s young, charismatic, digital and in touch. Maybe even sexy. There are already people like this in the party who are beloved. Nana mentors him (with a PR team), backs him and gives him his blessing. Nana becomes the Godfather – the ultimate unifying force of the party. (Something NDC seems to lack) This new guy becomes the vibrant, fearless, even rebellious leader, calling out the NDC and chasing real issues. See what happens.

Oh well. If wishes were horses…


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