Chipotle will now feature stories on their cups: Where are we telling ours?


Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant, will now feature stories on its cups and bags. The stories will come from authors like Toni Morrison and Malcom Gladwell. The point? What better way to spend the time while you’re munching on your burrito? I truly love this idea but not just for the “Now you can enjoy a delicious piece of literary goodness with that soda” element.

I love it because it’s camouflaged in a more ambitious goal. More and more, we’re seeing moves to create bite-sized bits of digestible literary knowledge. TED is doing this with TEDBooks and Qantas recently introduced in-flight novels that take exactly the same time to read as your flight time. Genius.

Reading = a heightened sense of intelligence. Perspective. A key to unlocking imagination, instinct and capability. An aesthetic and cultural massage that leaves any brain better equipped. Sturdier even. And being fully aware of this, my conspiracy theory is, there’s an unsaid effort to find more avenues to inject “sense” into their people.

A brain is a brain is a brain. What we feed it determines operational capacity.

Knowledge is still power.

Advantage them.

Our move.


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