AU Day. And google didn’t even doodle.



What exactly is the point? Google sure doesn’t know about it. And you know it’s a joke when google doesn’t doodle. What is AU day? A day for everyone to wear African clothing? Signifying what? 

I thought someday it’d evolve into a testament of African unity and strength. I thought it’d evolve into a day of hope, where one day in the year, we’d roar a roar that shocked the world. We’d show young Africans that we’re still a very proud people and while we’ve made some mistakes, we’re paving the way for them to be better respected in the world.

I saw cross-country trade expos and bonds that resulted in business. I saw a few more cultural explosions that celebrated the uniqueness of the African, the great bloodlines we once were and can be again. I saw African heroes from Sundiata to Madiba immortalised in history, in theatre, in books and in minds.

I saw many, many food fairs filled with returnees flocking back home in a desperate attempt for a slice of identity.

I even saw a guerrilla army pulled from different countries, returning triumphantly with the Chibok girls in their arms. I saw a people nobody could mess with. 

I saw sure a lot. But that’s my overactive imagination. 

We didn’t even get a #.




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