The arrogance of being a creative.

Been working on a strategy deck for a pitch. Everybody got the same brief. Unnecessarily technical. Spent the entire day researching their business. I’m more educated, but that’s about as far as it goes.

But i can’t find the fire. Then it hits me. I’m stuttering in thought because i’m not immersed in their business well enough. I need to hear them talk about it. In person. Need to feel their vibe – or lack of it thereof. Vibe. Not paper.

I laugh at how intellectually arrogant the words on my slides appear. How dare i impose my personal, academic, aspirational marketing ideologies on a living, breathing brand? Funny thing is, this deck would be accepted as is. Even applauded. But where’s the fire? The fire is everything.

I promised myself i wouldn’t fall into the trap of the creative process – going into something like this only half armed. Easier said than done. Sometimes we get arrogant as creatives. Fitting everything into boxes we build around ourselves and our personal views and experiences. And then we impose those and get defensive when they’re challenged. Thankfully this time i caught myself.

Another day in paradise. Back to basics.


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