We’re our own enemies

Four people were killed yesterday on the Teshie Bush road when the driver of a tipper truck lost control while overtaking someone else and rammed into a parked taxi full of passengers.

This really ticked me off because that road used to be a bumpy, hole-filled mess of a road. It would get flooded in the rainy season and shift contours on a regular basis. All you could do on it was drive slowly and say a silent prayer whenever you car sank into one of the holes.

A lot of noise was made. There was a lot of complaining. And after four years, apparently the voice of the people was heard, the road was tarred. The dust went away, so did the craters. In their place appeared a smooth tarred surface. Accompanied by speeding idiots.

Not sure whether it’s reflex from being deprived of good roads or mere foolishness, but the same people who used to crawl on the bush road for an hour, now use it like a race track. Speed ramps haven’t made a difference, cuz what’s a speed ramp when you’ve come from holes and craters?

Too many things wrong with this picture. But what’s the alternative?
Should the road have been left untarred to prevent such nonsense? No.
Should tipper trucks be allowed on the roads to compete with other cars in the daytime? No. Will they be prevented now? No. Did the twat driving the truck have the proper training? I’ll bet no. Was the truck road worthy? Again, i bet no. Do we care enough to properly check? No. Do we even have the ability? Probably not.
Is some measure going to be taken so this doesn’t happen again? Wanna bet? No.
Et voila.


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