In Japan, only women give gifts on Val’s Day.

‘Tis true.
They give men a “Chocolate of love” or a “Chocolate of courtesy”.
Gets better. Handmade chocolates are preferred because they mirror the depth of affection by the – as Wikipedia puts it – “sincerity, effort, and emotion put into a home-made confection”.

And that ladies and gents is the stuff of fairytales. Japan, anyone? Hold on. Fine print: Turns out men have to reciprocate. Three times over. What?!

Their National confectionary association came up with the idea of a response to Val’s day, where guys had to give girls something back. Confectionary manufacturers started pitching white chocolate to men as the best gift to return the favour and the day became “White Day”. So, while we’ll never know whether this was an advertiser’s response to low confectionary sales or the brainchild of a genius feminist… or both, fair’s fair right? Aye.

But how it manages to get worse, is the mystery. White Day’s evolved from men simply returning the favour, to giving thrice the value of the Val’s day gift they received. Think less Golden Tree, more jewellery and lingerie. Even if a girl gives you a chocolate of courtesy, which is “i love you like a brother chocolate” or “here’s some chocolate cuz you’re my friend at work chocolate” homey still has to give her thrice the value.

I’m gonna go with genius feminist on this one because all this only started as recently as 1978, so someboday must have snapped and b) it’s too well thought through to be male thought.

Women do rule. 




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