The electric fence man.

Yesterday i was standing with some people outside a house that was in the final stages of completion. It was drizzling.

A man walked up to me. He must’ve been mid 40s. Well dressed, very well spoken. He had on a pink shirt, tucked into neat black trousers and neat black shoes. He introduced himself as Maxwell and said he dealt in electric fences. He hesitated a bit in the beginning but when i showed interest he got comfortable.

He gathered that we must’ve been prospecting the house and stepped up to offer his services. He produced a card and pulled out a proposal from a bunch of proposals in his saddle bag saying “i’m doing self marketing”.

The proposal was neatly typed out, complete with the services he offered and a list of references who he emphasized i call for reference and confirmation of authenticity.

As we talked i studied his face. Couldn’t help it. There was youthfulness there somewhere but it seemed strained with fatigue. As we talked i wondered what his story was. Were these hard times that forced him to go around looking for houses that needed fencing? Or was he a determined entrepreneur? What were his prospects going against larger more established fencing companies? Was it rewarding? Was he living hand to mouth? Was this a personal choice? or something life had forced him into?

In another life, he could’ve easily been a banker. A senior relationship manager. He had the poise and eloquence for it.

As we shook hands and he walked on to the next street in the now light rain, i thought about how many things we take for granted in our lives. I was standing in the rain because i enjoyed the droplets on my face. He was walking in it looking for the next prospect. I wondered how many would respond? How many would even be willing to listen?

Something about meeting Maxwell made me really reflect on my blessings. I’ll call him, if nothing at all, just to see how it’s all going.
The struggle is real. Be thankful everyday. Be hopeful everyday.


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