Goodbye Genie, Ramon, Lovelace, Mrs. D, Robin.

Aladdin Aladdin. That’s where my fascination started. I didn’t know who voiced the character at the time, but i just wanted to be a part of the magic that was the genie. I watched Aladdin over and over, played the game, watched the spinoffs. Genie was equally cool across them all. He was funny. I wouldn’t know it at the time, but Robin Williams was fertilising what would be an appreciation for elevated humour.

I grew up with the man. I wanted to be one of his kids in Mrs. Doubtfire. I wanted to be in his crew in Hook. Dude… i couldn’t wait for Mnet to premiere Jumanji… As i grew older, i gained a deeper appreciation for the man and his talent. Birdcage, Good Will Hunting, Remember the Carpe Diem scene from DPS? Goooood moooorning Vietnam? What a guy.

As i watched Happy Feet as a full grown creative, i was in awe of the man’s talent. His wit. His sheer ability. His genius. His flexibility. The personality he brought to his characters, and the ability of those characters to impact us, no matter where we came from in the world.

Behind all the laughs he gave us, was enormous, spontaneous talent. It’s stuff of creative legend. A reporter talked about how this would be a deep blow to the Hollywood community. I beg to differ. This is a deep blow to all of us who grew up with him, with his characters and had the privilege to understand how difficult and awesome it is to be such a gifted creative talent.

I’m only sad, because being heartbroken is for his family.

Thank you Robin. For the experience, the magic and the memories. Your table came a little too quickly. There will never be another you. Turning off the TV now.


-A little African boy in glasses engrossed in Aladdin.

“And now i will retire to my couch of perpetual indulgence. Ok ladies, who’s first?”


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