Two things

Thing One: I’m becoming a huge fan of wearable tech. The Vachen Smartwatch, Samsung’s one, Opening Ceremony’s MICA… I love Apple’s watch. That’s the one for me. I’m a fanboy, deal.

applewatch1 (1)

Scary question: What are the prospects for ads on it?

Now while my advertising side tingles with the idea – Screen zero? – my more human side cringes at the thought of never being able to escape from commercialism. TV. Online. My Phone. Billboards. Radio. Games. And now my watch? The Brandalism movement would have a lot to say. But consider that digital disconnects are therapeutic now. When do we cross the line? Is there one?

Thing Two: Wearable tech is a thing now. Like so many other tech advancements, these ideas were planted in our minds by those who came before us. The ones who dreamed up the gadgets and Gizmos in cartoons, in film, in books. They didn’t have the tech, but they had a greater tool – their imagination. And because we were so captivated in our childhood, we’ve found ways to bring them to life. May we find ways to captivate those who come after us. Live long, imagine more and prosper.


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