The romance & unhappiness of advertising. -@damoncollins

Found this great piece by Damon Collins that articulates many of my thoughts on why creatives are slipping into a mundane existence. He hits many bold truths, 3 of my favourites follow.

“However, the reality is that if you want somebody to surpass themselves, work weekends and into the night, to push and to care, do the impossible or create something that nobody has ever thought of, they have to have believed. And courage, will only occur if that person believes in themselves, or at the very least, the flag above their heads.”

“Look at any great agency. Speak to anybody that worked there. They will tell you they believed in something bigger than themselves. They can’t always explain it or articulate what it was but this belief drove them on. For me, it has always been the agency had a truth at its core. ”

“You felt like you could go to the edge. Once this code is in your DNA it allows you to feel if an agency has a creative truth you can believe in the moment you walk through the door.”

Read the full and truly profound piece here:
Follow Damon here: @damoncollins


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