I miss my auntie.

Midnight. Headed home from work. Sorrow’s subtle. I miss my auntie.
Last time i saw her she was having soup. Day before a wedding. Fam was bustling.
I could tell she was tired. I hugged her. Kissed her cheek. She caressed my head. Held me to her. Lingered. “I’ve missed you”. “How are you?” she said.

A year ago, i woke up to her gentle hands rubbing mine. It was 5am. I was in a medical ward at Korle-bu. “shh… Go back to bed” she said. I hated being in hospital. She knew that. I knew she hadn’t just come for me. She’d come for treatment as well. Open secret. But i never asked about it. Don’t think i was built to face the truth. Not that morning. I closed my eyes and drifted off, her gentle touch in the distance.

Sitting in Accra’s first TechSalon. My mother’s whatsapp message beeps. Cuts deep. No way… I just prayed for her yesterday. But. Hollow.

Her home. I gaze up at the balcony where she’d dance, But there’s no her. Just memories of a mighty presence, once physical. Gentle sobs. Agonizing wails. My cue.

I wish i’d let my kiss and her caress linger just a bit longer. But, I wish many, many things.
Nicki’s “I Lied” in my ears. Not helping.
I miss my auntie.


One thought on “I miss my auntie.

  1. I’m sorry about your loss Obii. Take heart.The God who has carried you till now can be trusted to carry you through… Be strong. Live. Love and Let God. It (really) is well and His ways are more than perfect.

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