What @Faris said. 

“Working in advertising can make you cynical but if you can aspire to look yourself in the mirror and see the kind of person your 8 or 14 year old self will not hate – not lie or cheat on clients or your partners, treat people and customers and clients and vendors and the world with respect; not attack people or people’s work; not be petty and cruel; be open to the opinions of others and be willing to change your mind; not worship money above friendship or honour; not let your heart get hard; stay in love with creativity; spend time working for the good of the industry, especially the young people, as well as for your own career and the Agency; treat people as ends in themselves, not simply means; and remain thankful that there are jobs that let you have ideas for a living and wear jeans and T-shirts to work – then advertising is a fine profession and one to be proud of.”

My personal sentiments, expressed wholly and fulfillingly by Faris Yakob in his book, Paid Attention.


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