Dear SnapChat, lease les lenses.

I’ve been having an insane amount of fun with SnapChat’s lenses, you know, the things that show up in that bottom tray… ah yes.

My favourites have been the iron man-ish one and this nightmarish one – which they apparently scrapped because people got scared. Err… guilty. I terrified fellow humans with it in DMs. Just look at it! Best part is they keep introducing new versions – a new treat for each time you’re Snapping away. How long can they keep it up for? Dunno… which is where this post is going.

What if SnapChat opened this feature up to brands? You know there’s a brand manager/agency planner thinking about it.

“Open mouth to stuff a McDonalds in your face? Raise eyebrows to show off your new RayBans?” A steaming mug of Nescafé that appears depending on how wide [awake] your eyes look? A Coca-Cola happiness lens?

Or movies. Iron Man no longer needs an interactive Augmented Reality microsite with this stuff. Open your mouth to become the Hulk? Become one of the Characters in the Hateful Eight? Reduce the length of the path to an awesome experience? Yes Lawd.

The caveat of course, would be, it has to be – here’s a metric for you – fun. No overly commercialised, dull, lame, weak or boring crap.

Engagement possibilities would be big, no? And SnapChat would have a constant flow of stuff. The universe of bad ideas guarantees it.

This is going to happen. i already reached out to them. And i’m sitting in Ghana. So Muhuhuhahaha…


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