SnapChat responds

A couple of days ago i wrote this:

What if SnapChat opened this (lense) feature up to brands? You know there’s a brand manager/agency planner thinking about it.

“Open mouth to stuff a McDonalds in your face? Raise eyebrows to show off your new RayBans?” A steaming mug of Nescafé that appears depending on how wide [awake] your eyes look? A Coca-Cola happiness lens?

Yesterday this happened:

Snapchat launched its new “lenses” feature just two weeks ago, and since then users have watched their friends puke rainbows and turn into wide-eyed emojis on a daily basis. Now we know there was a whole other reason behind the lenses feature: brands. For a not-so-small fee — up to $750,000 in certain situations, according to the Financial Times — Snapchat will design sponsored lenses for brands that will last just one day.

Full article here.

Brace yourselves. The brands are coming. Hate to say this but, told you so. 


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