Attention is Currency, Data is Oil

Amazon is thinking about new ways to ship items to individuals before they actually make a purchase. Amazon uses machine learning, data, and a specific metric loosely called “digital drooling” (also known as “cursor hover time” on a product page) to help with these types of forward-thinking decisions.

Disney has Magic Bands that you can wear in the park, make purchases with, unlock your hotel door, and many other capabilities. These bands can also tell Mickey, Goofy, and the characters around Disney the name of your kids, where they’re from, and what they like merely seconds before asking for an autograph. Incredible but spooky to say the least, and more experiential interactions will enter our lives in this fashion.

Whether your Starbucks order is waiting for you as you arrive, or your Target shopping list is curb-side as you pull up to the store, the accessibility to data, and the shift in consumerism, is combining more and more to make both businesses and customers incredibly happy.

Those are excerpts from a brilliant Social Media Week piece i read this week. Howard offers some very insightful thoughts.

Read the full article  here:



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