Spiralling: SnapFaceterGram-ingy. 

Periscope owned live video. Facebook’s taking that. Line has Chatbots, but now so does Facebook. Those hearts you get on periscope by tapping the screen? Facebook now has those too: They’re floating emojis. And chat bots. Did i mention the bots? Facebook messenger. Snapchat filters? Facebook has those. But those came from instagram. So…

Twitter took likes, destroying favourites and creating a whole new emotional context for saving tweets. “I like your tweet” doesn’t denote the simplicity of “i just want to read this later”. Awkward. Anyhoo. 

Twitter wants to up tweets to 10,000 characters essentially making tweets Facebook posts. Yeesh. Facebook has Advertising awards. And now, so does Twitter. And Gifs. 

Instagram had 15″ video. Vine showed up with 7″. Snapchat showed up with 10″ – or 20 – if you slow-mo filter it. Now IG has 60″ video. Snapchat evolved into filters and emoji and messaging and calling. SnapChat is Skype is Viber. Will IG take the facial recognition filters and tracking emoji? Will it be Facebook? Oh it’s all so intriguing. And boring. And why?!

We’re going to end up with the same social media platform. A beige, similar feature-packed, underwhelmingly pale semblance of the uniqueness that differentiated and captivated. 

Meh. Follow me on the SnapFacetergram-ingy


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