So… are you aware?

I saw President Mahama’s ad. You know, the one where some youths ask each other whether they’re aware that the register is open and so forth? That one dude in the white Khaftan is a tad overdressed, ain’t he? I feel a need to stuff paper in his mouth. He reminds me of a class prefect who got kicks from writing dp by my name. But i digress. 

The acting and message are as natural as Micahael Jackson’s formerly alleged nose collection, but then, Prez. Mahama shows up and i get star struck and swoon and what not. Continue serving me? Ah you fine, humble, presidential man, where do i register? 

The ad is terr- not great. But i’m also more cynical than most. I’m sure somewhere in Ghana, people cheer when they see it. “Herr nti Mahama ko shia nkola nuu! Man nu ye goood!!” 🙄

I wonder whether it’s enough to get the Urban youth registration numbers up. Let me rephrase: do you care? Does it make you want to go register? No? Perhaps there’s a plan for you. I saw a tweet from EL. Anyone? Curious to see where that goes. 

At least the NDC seems to be going hard, if not bright. All i’ve gotten from the NPP is a text message asking me to donate. What, like actual, real money? Bruh.  In the words of Eric Cartman “At least woo me before you try to f… ” nvm.

Does anyone remember the 1992 “voting is your right, go and reygistaaa” jingle? Some say it was skewed to the Volta demographic. I refuse to believe it. Somebody needs to bring that back. 

Speaking of… know what else was mad fire? “Kuffour, J-A Kuffour…” That was something you danced your way to the castle with. But the battle is the Lord’s. So. Ok. 


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