The Stoics were onto something. Not necessarily Seneca’s “turn over your wrists to find freedom” thinking, but the other more palatable bits: Like expecting  betrayal, incompetence, idiocy, disappointment, delays, whatever ticks you off, basically; in order that you aren’t infuriated by it when it eventually shows up. 

We go on and on about Ghana and Africa and attitudes and “oh my goodness I can’t deal” and slow service and tro-tro drivers cutting in. Entrepreneurs rant about a lack of human resources, the power problems, costs of doing business… Bureaucracy, customer service, sycophancy… et Blah. There are heavy meaningless discussions about corruption and education and attitudes… you know the drill. You’ve heard them. Taken part in them. Been disappointed that nothing came from them. But here’s where Aurelius had a point. If you start off expecting disappointment in such things, they’re not hard to swallow. 

Question: has everyone else already settled into not expecting much from the system? A resigned contentment with the way things are?  Look around you. Is everyone else already comfortably practicing some sort of inbred Stoicism? Because it seems that the hopes of the fiery determined minority diminish a bit more everyday. Along with their numbers. 

Maybe you should be a Stoic. An AfroStoic. Healthier for the blood pressure and such. Before you decide to turn over your wrists to escape.


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