Doubt Hillary will. Doubt John won’t.

The idea of a Trump presidency is a ridiculous statement that sparked an equally unbelievable support movement. Wasn’t meant to last this long, but here we are. The Republicans have swallowed their resistance and succumbed to inevitability. Something about this still has the underpinnings of a fad, but the problem with this fad is, it’s on the verge of electing the leader of the Free World. And Four years is a long time.

i don’t know whether Hillary is enough. Hillary + Bernie maybe, but that didn’t happen. So… unless the republicans intend to sabotage their own party, brace yourselves.

JM… if JM wins, will you honestly be surprised? i think the NPP should have rebranded Nana for a youthful audience by now, or led with Alan and Bawumia with Nana as Grand overseer. If JM wins, Ghanaians can be taken for granted. Is Dumsor back? Let me rephrase, are you having long sweaty nights/ unproductive days without power? Well…

And this is my point. Things like Dumsor etc may piss us off, but that’s because we live in Accra. You’re not complaining about Dumsor if you’re not used to electricity and a borehole is reason enough for your community to have a durbar. And those areas are where the votes will come from. Understand that the Accra demographic is not where the battle will be won, but in those areas. How many of you reading this are even registered to vote? Exactly. You’ll watch on TV3 and bitch on Twitter. So it’s obvious the NDC isn’t thinking about our whining butts anymore and focusing their attention on the people to whom toilets mean a lifestyle advancement. Hopefully the NPP will do same.

Everyone else, CPP, PPP… y’all need to have a summit,  pick a side and sit this one out. You’re the noisy kids in the back giggling over the fact that teacher said the word ‘penis’ while the rest of us are trying to understand the reproductive system class.

Good luck world. November will be interesting.


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