RED Camera. So?

A while ago, i came here and told you guys that when everybody has and can shoot with a RED camera, we’d be in trouble. Only actual imaginative ideas, directors treatments and the ability to get a cast that that can actually act – none of that cheesy, clichéd overacting that we have shoved down people’s throats – will separate the crap from the crappier; God forbid.

Yes folks we have arrived at the point where it boils down to *bites fingernails in fearful anticipation* the creative agency’s level of thinking, and the director’s ability to take that vision, add to it and execute it properly. Oh and also the client’s ability to discern a powerful idea when they see it, which is a whole other post.

Go and look at Apex’s reel. And then look at Portraits and Illusions’ reel. I thought Apex shot INESFLY but guess what? it wasn’t them. But it was so them. But it wasn’t them. Look at Apex’s Tonaton ads, then look at the OLX ads from Portraits, which i believe Apex used to shoot. Ooooh. Same type of app. So I’ll let you be the judge. A lot of great scripts end up in crappy execution. But there are not many great scripts to begin with. Ergo, prepare for many finely shot rubbish ads.

Oh wait, look, here come the boys with the Canon Mark IIIs, and their uncaged enthusiasm, equal picture quality and lower fees. Buckle up.



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