What manifesto?

The NDC’s launching their campaign without a manifesto. It will follow later, apparently. Takes balls of audacity to do that 3-4 months before a national election. In my day, we didn’t hold senior high school SRC elections without manifestos.

However, everybody knows elections here aren’t won by manifestos and lofty book long agendas, goodness no. Bore holes, schools, suddenly tarred roads, and the occasional ceramic KVIP – that’s the stuff that gets out the votes. To be fair, the NPP hasn’t published a manifesto either. Looks like all have come to terms with the real electorate, and they are obviously not you the Twitter/blog reading set.

If you’re waiting for manifestos to evaluate candidates, you should probably start with that one gentleman who declared he’d abolish girls having to cut their hair in high school. He promises to have them do braids instead, in an apparent move to boost jobs for hairdressers. His words, not mine. Being a huge fan of GIS girls in my day, i’m fully aligned. Now, that’s a manifesto i personally cannot wait to dig into. A regular 50 shades of no grey matter in the making.

See you in November? Or is it December?


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