Sporting goods marketer??

I’m reading an article today and it says “Nike, the sporting goods marketer…” Wait a minute. What? That’s the last thing I have ever thought about when my mind has mapped Nike. Sporting goods marketer? That just sounds like a warehouse with rows of sports merchandise for sale. Which is, if you think about it, really Nike’s core. 

What a charge to wake up to each day: To take the mundane, ordinary, everyday things and make them legendary, purposeful, powerful, and extend gloriously beyond their wildest potential. 

It’s so easy to forget in the daily nitpicking over trivial details, pointless meetings, irrelevant measures and broad academic sometimes utterly useless marketing lingo why we’re truly lucky to do what we do. Let’s not forget the higher purpose. Overcome the weight of the mediocre. Be awesome. Make your brands awesome. 


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