Agency-Client Dysfuntion.

Last time i was at Cannes, i went into a session about maintaining client relationships. This CD from Turkey spoke of her [what many of us in the audience considered a tad bit unhealthy] glorious client relationship, where she and the client had bonded so well and become such good friends that she ended up becoming the client’s maid of honour. Must’ve been a lonely client.

There was more groaning than applause.

I don’t know about all that.

I’ve been in heavy arguments with clients. Because sometimes you want to kill them and they want to stamp on your grave. I remember a story one of my friends told me about a client making a change to a production script AFTER the ad had been shot and the CD slamming the phone with an FU for good measure. Still cracks me up.

I’ve had a case where the client wanted to [after a month of planning and approvals] change the date of the production shoot, the night before the shoot. We shot the next day. They were not amused. But the ads were great, so advantage Bloom.

I swear there was a blog in the late 00s called the Client is a C** [Use your imagination]. Not to be outdone, another one sprung up called the Agency is a… exactly. [I cant find those sites anywhere now though. So i may have a wild imagination cuz i promise i read posts!!]

But recently.. i’ve had two clients say i love you, quite literally, with no alcohol involved; and another one say i hate you… presumably for bringing them ideas that were too difficult to pick just one from… so i guess that’s good too. It all balances out in the end.

Dysfunction. it works.




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