Spectacles?! Bad idea. 

Snap announced Spectacles [which they should eventually rename Specs, because who has time for 3 syllables?] and they are a terrible idea-not for the company per se, but for a dude I saw yesterday. Let me explain. 

Yesterday while having lunch, I was seated directly opposite a young man and his female companion: heavy makeup, long weave, tattoo, slight tan, evening dress and sneakers… Not the guy, the girl, obviously.  The stuff of IG selfie dreams, basically. 

After their lunch, she wore her sunglasses – weird considering the inside of honeysuckle is not particularly sunny- but perhaps more disturbingly, proceeded to hold her phone above her face and contort her head in many different directions. Twas the quest for the perfect post-ingestion selfie. 

After 5 minutes of doing this continuously, she went outside. In the time she was gone, the young man paid the bill, fidgeted with his phone, stared blankly at the TV screens, back to fidgeting with phone… it was an awkwardly long and lonely time. When she left, I was in the middle of my meal. By the time she came back I was paying my bill. I heard her say “sorry. Was taking peechess”. I shuddered, for she reminded me of “Eba taxxiii”. 

This is why we do not need Spectacles. Because of that young man and the many more like him who will have to endure the spectacle of Spectacle spectacles [let it go] on a daily basis. 

Humanity can barely cope with the the-sun-is-my-filter aided, walking, pouting snap. Don’t accessories it. 


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